hello all you skinny bitches ;)

the party yesterday was a real succes! i have been working as cashier for one hour and then got in with a friend for a while, didnt wanna stay too long. i havent been drinking, cause of the calories and also because i didnt feel like (how weird is that??) but i regreted it a little, the music was great and the club was really full- didnt expect that. and you know what girls? i'm geeting prettier aka thinner.
i was used to boys watching me, i mean boys always look at girls with long blonde hair.. but when i was fatter, they didnt really try to talk to me or so. and yesterday it was crazy! like 5 guys tried to flirt with me! yay! :) (i dont care about those guys, not the slightes. but obviously i look better meanwhile! SUCCES!)

today i have been a really good girl to make up for yesterday.


* small portion of my special muesli, sonsisting of yoghurt, few teaspoons of cereals and special k and half a small apple (~ 130cals)
* a few french fries with ketchup (~ max 200cals)
* cuccumber with curd (~ 50cals)
*corny free bar (~ 65 cals)
* having a grapefruit or a low cal pudding now (~ 80cals)

TOTAL: 525cals


*25mins Crosstrainer
*40mins muscle training
*120 crunches
*150 jumping jacks (rest will follow)

its only 2 days until i'll know my exact weight. and i measured myself at home and wrote it down. i'm going to see how much i lost then. exciting!
its only 2 days until i see my best friend again. i cant believe it. i know, i propably annoy you girls with always mentioning that... sorry. but i am soooo looking forward to seeing her!
i'm going through her facebook photos everyday... and what makes me sad inside is that its true that she's gained over there (australia). i know she's not happy with it. she was a thin girl once, and how can a thin girl ever be happy being fat? she is my best friend, and i want loads of people to look like whales next to me... but not her. course its cool to be the "prettier"/"thinner" one. but i want us to be at least nearly equal. i'm gonna talk to her about that.. and maybe we can lose weight together. i truely wanna help her, because i love her!

but if one thing is sure, then that i am going to put on a lot of weight over that weekend. we're going to get drunk at least twice and then i'll binge with the others. even if i could hold myself back, i will eat the pringles or the chocolate my bestie is going to eat. because i want her to feel home and happy with me.
i'll try to eat not more than 400-500cals over the day, if possible. and i'm going to work harder next week. its worth it.


  1. you lucky bitch, I hope they were hot haha!!

    I never understood skinny girls theyre like "oh I lik emy new curves" its all bullshit haha theyre just in denial. who the hell wouldnt wanna be skinny?!

  2. yah! they fear anyone might get thinner than themselves... well WE are :P

    but i also hate those fatties being like " oh, most girls are so crazy and do diets and stuff to get thin.. thats so stupid! you only live once aso.." well right- we only live once, i dont wanna waste that life bein ugly and fat!!