getting better.

hello loves;

1. same problem with the new scales as with the old ones. it is propably the floor. a live in a centuries old house (Art Nouveau, LOVE IT) wich has been renovated a couple of times, i guess 5 years ago was the last time. but i guess its not that easy to make sure that the parquet is 100% even. i'll try the new ones in the bathroom tomorrow and then decide if i give them back or keep them. i so wanna know my exact weight!

2. you guys are lucky i didnt post this morning. i was so pissed because of several things.
- i had to walk through the center of the city (empty stomach) at around 12:30pm. EVERYONE was munching. pizza, french fries, ice-cream....no suprise most of them were fat. and skinny people munching stuff like that dont only make me jealous (why are they so lucky?!) but they also make me wanna scream at them:" Dont u appreciate being thin?? There are girls working their ass off to become what you are. Appreciate that NOW!"
-then, the thing with my scales.
- and most of all: I am ffing taking laxatives since monday and i havent been on the toilet since then!!!

yeah lucky i didnt post then. just been at the toilet. :)

3. todays a good day, too! i didnt do any workout but i carried shopping bags filled with veggies and bottles through the town and i'm going to do my crunches later. i also didnt eat much.


*1/4 apple with low fat yoghurt and 3 spoons muesli and 3spoons special K (~150cals)
* smaaaaall portion special K with 0,1% fat milk (~85cals)
* small portion special K with 0,1% fat milk (~115cals)
* bowl of cauliflower soup i made yesterday (max.50cals)

TOTAL: 400cals

my bf is coming over in a few and i guess i'll make him some fresh strawberry-curd, with low fat curd and low fat yoghurt. going to try that then too and might have a mini-portion of the soup again, because it is sooo yummie. (i love it when things i cooked taste so good. makes me proud of myself and even more proud if it barely contains calories and is soo healthy.)


*120 Crunches
*40mins walking with heavy bags (does that count??)

5. oh and i know, you all must be thinking she is spending sooo much time with her bf, what about friends? i usually hang out with friends at about as much as with my bf. i just dont feel like being "girly" and the only one i wanna have around me is him. cancelled on my friends yesterday also. but tomorrow me and a friend are going to celebrate our birthdays (mine was in march) i'm gonna see everyone and it will be fine. exept for the fact that we have to get totally drunk. what wouldnt be bad if there wasnt the fact that alcohol contains like billions of cals per ml. so i'm going to try to stay under 500 again tomorrow (400 would be even better) and get drunk the evening. shouldnt need more than 500cals to get drunk, right?

6. i totally feel better meanwhile. propably because this is my 2nd "less-than-600-day" and maybe because there are only 7 days to go until i see my beloved bestie again. missed her so much. oh, and that mean 7 days until i can step on some reliable scales. EXCITING!!

Skinny thoughts to all of you!

this is not where i live, but my house is build in the same style, as mentioned "Art Nouveau". (Keep reading my blog and your art and history grades propably will improve.. haha )


  1. i wish i lived in such a house. haha my art and history grades already are some of my best :-P
    yay for two 600 kcal days in a row, you're doing so good. and i'm glad you're feeling better and could go to the toilet. today i even could go normally ^^


  2. Love were you live. Looks fab. Well done hun, Your doing got food wise. x