Liquid Fast

as i told in my last post, i'm not gonna eat today. so far everything is going fine, i dont really feel hungry and if so i'm drinking water or tea. when i'm out with my friend later i'll have a juice or something. i'm gonna be so happy if this day is over and i didnt eat.

also, i thought i could lose another kilo in these 3 days. i'm gonna step on the scale on monday monring. bad thing is, my scale here is a total bitch. if i step on it 5 times i propably get 5 different results. i gotta find a special position or something.
you girls have any experiences with weird scales??

Oh, and i read an interesting article in some magazine at the gym yesterday. it was about the importance of protein. as we all know, protein is important if u wanna build muscles. but yesterday i learned that it is totally important if u wanna lose weight too! especially CASEIN-shakes are pretty useful. they are usually low-cal, low-carb and low-fat. and, as told in the magazine, they make u feel saturated and prevent raveousness.
So i'm gonna look for some casein-shakes now. i think i could use them as breakfast before going to the uni or so.

a special HI to my new followers. it really means a lot to me that some people in this world sort of feel the same and are interested in the stupid stuff i'm posting everyday. your blogs are so helpful. they are not only inspiring and making me strong but also they can keep me away from eating for hours. thanks so much for that to all you gorgeous girls.

i'm gonna post some thinspo later.
have a great day and think thin!


  1. What are these casein-shakes?

  2. looking forward for the thinspo :)
    didn't find any nice bf-shorts and bought glamour magazine instead.


  3. @ rose :casein is a special sort of protein, in german its also called "milk-protein" so i think it's mostly out of milk, but without the many calories milk has. i was looking for some shakes in a few shops and in the internet, but i only found huge portions.... if i find a good shake i'll let u know!

    @ elegant thinspo:
    i saw nice bf-shorts at a Vero Moda shop today! i dunno how they look worn but they looked nice in the window :)