weeell. we went out yesterday, and we got free cocktails, cause we were the birthday girls. i had like 3 and then wine and vodka..... i totally underestimated everything. i used to drink A LOT. like really a lot. but i havent been drinking for quite a while now (didnt feel like going out) and i havent been drinking on a 500-600cals stomach.
we were dancing all night, that burned some cals i hope! but then we went to mc donalds!!! you heard right. drunk, hungry and mc donalds. everyone had burgers. i took french fries and shared them with everyone. but dont really remember how much i actually ate. i felt really sick afterwards. luckily, i threw it all up about 20mins later.
i still had billions auf alcohol-calories. so unnecessary!!
a "friend" of mine asked me if i lost weight yesterday. strange situation. i dont like it when people ask that YET. cause i'm still too fat. i said "erm.. possible." i should have replied "no, actually i just put on a ton the last year. just getting rid of that now." cause thats the truth.

i woke up with an amazingly flat stomach. i love this feeling. and the hip-bones.
but i have to eat something to make the headache go away. i think having something about 250cals is okay.. wont eat dinner then.
update later.
sorry for this strange post. in a hurry again!
love to you all


  1. i envy you for the flat stomach! mine is sticking out as if i was pregnant in month number 6 or so! :-(
    and be glad you puked it out from alcohol. i would never turn to mia but puking from alcohol is very enjoyable^^

    think thin,

  2. I know how you feel. I always feel so awkward when people ask me if I'v lost weight... I don't know why? I always say oh nah maybe I've juts been doing alot of running, or i say "yeah Ive been trying to get fitter" hahaha fitter= thinner ;)