hi lovelies

i have that strange feeling again. earlier this afternoon i was watching tv for like half an hour and then i go up and everything went black and i felt really dizzy.
i have been eating before that accident...i'm going to tell myself it was the food. but actualy i think its the diet-pills i'm now taking since 3 days. fat-burner. stupid since i'm not really eating much fatty things, but i thought maybe they'll burn something else instead. what do you girls think? have u any experiences to share or tipps?
maybe its also just the weird weather we have here that makes me feel like that. i'm not gonna start eating more. my body should better get used to this!
My Intake so far:

*cucumber salad out of 1/2 a cucumber and a little vinager. - propably like 80kcal
*2 amicelli 120kcal

so i'm currently at 200kcal but i'm going to have an apple or so.. and if the dizzy feeling doesn't leave a yoghurt or a corny bar. should still be staying under 400.

one of my friends (not my bff) is coming home from her 7month australia/NZ- trip tonight and i'm going to visit her later. i bet there will be food, cause she told everyone she missed german food a lot. i'll tell i already ate but still it will be difficult to resist the tempting smells.

Tomorrow it's friday and i'm going to step on the scale. As i posted earlier on i want to be on 64, and cause the scale showed my 64,3 yesterday (what might be untrue) i still hope to be in the 63s. the girls who were with me on losing that kilo, i hope you remember and you're gonna post what you've lost! i'm really excited!! i'll think of that when i see the food tonight!

lots of love and skinny thoughts to you girlies


  1. hi there :)
    actually i live in switzerland but we could be texting buddies anyway if it's not too expensive for you.
    how about a one-day-fast on saturday? i have planned to stay home in the evening so there won't be no alcohol coming in the way :)
    i'm so excited, you'd be my first texting buddy and it'd be my first 100% whole day fast.


  2. LOVELY!! cause it's the same for me. i have fasted for one day 2 years ago or so, but just to try. Saturday is fine for me I think.
    I am at my "old home" with my parents now but get back to my flat tomorrow and i have to check what my girlies are planning to do on saturday, but i'll text you, okay? AWWW i'm so excited and so looking forward to it tooo :D yayayay cant wait!

  3. yay....though how do we exchange the numbers? via email?

    saturday is so soon! looking forward to it.
    do we do a total 0 cal-fast or are juices allowed? just wondering...

  4. i'd say 100% juices are allowed. i mean we're first timers so that should be ok. and if it goes fine we can have a fasting day every week OR start a 2day....YAY!!!