first day of uni went fine.
as we went eating i didnt really like the warm food so a took a small bowl of carrot and one of cucumber salad. i spent the afternoon with my bf in the sun and we went to the gym later. i worked my ass off and burned about 400cals, i guess.
after that i bought a dietary protein-shake. but still 1 portion has about 150cals. i also got some very light laxatives wich i wanna try, because there is something wrong with my digestion. i only go to the toilet like every 3 days or so... and thats definately wrong. i think pooping once a day is okay. so i'll also try them tomorrow.

Todays Intake:
* 100g low cal yoghurt with 1/2 apple and 5 teaspoons of cereal (ca. 150cals)
* salads at the uni (dunno about the dressings, so i say 200cals)
* ice cream with my bf (220cals)
* salad with rest of tuna ( 80cals)
for now: 650 cals. but i'll have sth of like 150 cals now. think it went fine.
i'm tooo lazy and in a rush to post thinspo today my loves. but tomorrow okay?

ohhh.. i stepped on my weirdo-scale this morning. it was showing results between 64,4kg (impossible!!) and 62,4kg (also impossible, YET) so i guess it is still aroung little more than 63. i'm gonna step on it on wednesday again and hope to be under 63 then.

Love to you my skinnies


  1. i have the same "problem" with pooping but i find this quite logic because we eat so little almost everything gets processed....almost nothing ends up as shit^^
    actually i don't have anything against it...don't like pooping :P

  2. I have the same problem with pooping.But mines like rabbit droppings one every few days. and its like little when I do. Been like this for a few months probably 6months plus.

    Well done with the gym though. You were amazing. All I did was a 40min walk. Tomorrow i will walk to and home from school and take my dog. so that should be like 3hrs +. 1hr 30 min to and from school and an hour and a half walking the dog. Plus running around my school which is massive and all the stairs. so should be burning a lot fingers crossed.

    Loads of love
    x Evie x