morning ladies,

soo. today was scale day and i wanted to lose 1 kg from tuesday to friday(today.)
As you can see on my weight ticker, i achieved that! Scale showed 63,9 this morning.
I was calculating a little (i suck at math) and found out that i was losing that kilo in like 3 days. so it is damn possible to lose 1,5kg per week. it should even be possible to lose 2kg. thing is, i havent done any sports here. and from today on i'm planning to kill myself at the gym at least every 2nd day. but i dont wanna be disappointed (its enough to see that fat flabby person in the mirror everyday) so i'll try to lose 1,5kg per week. expecting binges anyways.

i woke up an hour or so ago and my nose started bleeding. its like my body hates me. but dont worry dearest body- i hate you too. and i'm gonna show you who's boss.

i'm planning to stay under 300cals today. wont be too easy.. i have to cook for my sister in half an hour. and i'll have i few bites of the rice pudding she requested. like 2-3 spoons. then i'll get on the train and go to my flat. looking forward to seeing my roomies. looking forward to going to the gym this evening. (got to have an apple or so before that.) looking forward to seeing my boyfriend and sleeping at his place.

saturday i'll meet one of my best friends of the uni and hang out with her. AND i'm planning a 1 day liquid fast with the great girl behind "elegant thinspo".

we're so going to be skinny girls. i can feel it.

call me bingequeen. just had about 170cals of rice pudding. I DONT EVEN LIKE RICE PUDDING. i'm eating lots of things i actually dont like. i hate myself. argh!

even though i feel like shit cause i just seen myself in undies.

i can totally understand why these girls are so happy. and we can be just as happy. all we have to do is stay strong and avoid food. small price for happiness, dont ya think??


  1. loving the last picture!
    send me your number via mail (it's in my profile). i am really looking forward to this and i'm glad we'll be able to drink juices otherwise i might faint... :-P

    oh, AND we're gonna be able to write in german.
    think thin<3

  2. Your posts are so sweet, always makes me think that I'm not the only one :)