somehow i felt strange today. cant really discribe the feeling, little dizzy and as if i could litterally feel my brain working sloooowly. everything seemed to take longer and be more difficult. no idea why, usually dont have that and its definately not cause i didnt eat enough. cause that was:

*yoghurt (150cal)
*spinach with a small egg and 5 penne-noodles (say 230cal, though i think it was less)
*2 "fritt" stripes (nooo idea. say 150kcal)
*1 1/2 Corny free bar (130kcal)
*small apple (70kcal)

= approx 730kcal.
[felt like i really needed to eat that corny, cause of the strange feeling.]


i have the goal to weigh 61,5 or less on 30 of april. my best friend (who i am missing a lot) is coming back from her 7month trip then and i cant wait to see her. i weighed about 61,5kg when we had the greatest summer together, in 2007.
we have been BF since elementary school (course we had our fights but you know) and she means sooo much to me. but its a "funny" story with us two.
she has always been a lot thinner than me. she was a skinny girl, only got bigger because she put on loads of muscles. right in that summer, we both had something going on with two guys. for me it worked out in the end (he's my boyfriend now)but "her" guy turned out to be an asshole for several reasons. u might wonder why i'm telling that. after that summer she started to put on weight. TONS. she's been skinny and i think she put on at least 15kg, propably even more. and i think that guy-thing is the reason. so now she is coming back (she told me she gained during her trip, but i dunno about that) and i thought at least one of us shouldnt be totally fat. say extremely fat. cause i'll still be a cow then.

soooo: i would have to lose at about 1,25kg per week to reach that goal. think that it possible?
and what do you lovelies think, how much weight loss is possible per week if you're eating around 500-700kcal??

Think thin sweethearts!


goooosh. give me that body. i want it so so so so bad. NOW!

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  1. 1,25 kg a week? You can SO do it, sweetie, staying strong is all it takes. If you go on eating/not eating the way you have so far, you can easily lose even more weight every 7 days. You can do it! I believe in you :) Have a good night!!