i lost 100g in one week. i did eat a max of 750cals each day + i worked out for 1,5hours every 2nd day. PLUS because of eating so less i start having my period. my body has always done this to me, even though its sort of REALLY SENSELESS because i'm taking the pill. that actually controls when you have your period and you only get it when you STOP taking the hormons. i actually should have gotten it on wednesday next week. so yeah. fuck me.



hi girlies

after that disappointing result on the scales yesterday, i have been doing good.
well not so good. i was frustrated so i had 2 eggs for breakfast... but then i basically didnt eat anything else during they day! i had 2 cups of hot choc, which is something like 180 cals... but they're liquid so it aint that bad to me!
today i've been at the gym and had about 120cals for breakfast.
since my flatmate is moving out, i'm having something like a casting for a new one. so today there will be 9 people here (and tomorrow and on friday).
i didnt have time to eat since i got home from gym.. because i dont wanna eat or cook while i got people here.. so thats great :D
its really fun to show all these different people the flat and talk to them.. and imagine scenarios that could happen if they move in. so far i only had girls here, two pretty ones. one was really smal and tiny.(-> envy) but there are boys coming this evening.. i think in general its easier to live with boys, cause they dont take everything personal and are not as bitchy as girls can be. but i'd also like the new flatmate to become a real friend with whom i can go shopping and stuff, you know? soo lets see what the evening brings!
i hope you girls are doing great!

Cals consumed so far ( 4pm):
max 150
(later i might have some broccoli. low cal anyways. hope my scales will notice that i am not really eating much!!!)


DAY 6 (+summary)

hi skinnies,
i appologize for my absence... i was busy all the time and somehoe i didnt feel like blogging.
so the last days i always had something around 400cals during the day, and then, each evening i thought: hey, 400cals is so less! you can totally still eat something.
yeah... stupid me. so i always ended up wit about 700-800cals.
i've been at the gym monday and yesterday i've been playing squash with my bf. squash is fun and i bet it burns a lot...
so i was still hopeful when i stepped on my scales today.
but guess what? i lost 100g since saturday. like 100g in 3 days of eating a max. of 800cals + working out. IS THAT FAIR?! :(

i've always been losing weight more difficult than others... i think thats because of the pill and the hormons and stuff. still, i mean seriously. there are people out there who stuff themselves with 2000cals a day and they dont gain a gramm. this is simply not fair.
i'm really sick of my body hating me so much. i'm trying to make up excuses. like that i propably gained my muscles back and as we all know, muscles are heavier than fat. but you know. thats a really lame excuse.
i'm going to paris for the weekend, and i thought that i could be at least 1 kg lighter until then. i mean 1 kilo in a week.. thats so doable. not for me obviously.. :(

i hope you're all doing better than me, skinny loves.



just a little motivation for my beloved followers <3



i've been at the city with my "visitors" all day and on my way home i met an old friend. she was like : heeyy.. we gotta have coffe together! come on i'll invite you. and i wanted to say no but i also really wanted to talk to her again since i havtn seen her for a while... but then she came back with 2 milkshakes. that was like 45mins ago, and i'm currently trying to flush them cals out by drinking 1l of water. besides that thing the day had been okay... okay considering that i had to have lunch with my family at a restaurant that didnt have tomato soup. or anything alike. (no wonder people become fatter and fatter!)
i'm a clver girl (yay :D) so i decided to skip breakfast this morning.. somehow i felt that the day wouldnt go so well foodwise. at the restaurant i ordered a salad, and it was a rather small one with light dressing, which made me really happy! but then my grandma insisted on me having an apple strudel and ordered one for me. OUCH! i didnt eat it all, but still. then that shake. and now after 1l water in 5mins i dont really feel like eating anything anymore tonight.
-salad (max 150cals)
-apple strudel (max 300 cals)
-milkshake ( say 200 cals)

(maybe later + 20 cals by half a pepper)

actually i should be at the gym working my ass off right now, but i just got home, its getting late and i'd propably throw up on the treadmill... which wouldnt be so cool. i think i burned a few cals by walking through the city all day also. BUT i'm gonna work out extra hard tomorrow morning, to make up for today and especially the milkshake. so unneccessary!!! argh!

i hope you're doing better loves.

ps: i couldnt fall asleep last night cause i was so hungry. i know it sounds stupid but i loved it. it makes me feel... proud.
pps: i weighed myself this morning. it hasnt been as bad as expected, but i was nearly completely empty. i might let you beuatiful skinnies know how much i weigh when i reach my first GW... or maybe next time. if it matters to you.
ppps: i just found this pic. i think it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. i have seen some before-afters before, and i always think they're awesome thinspo... but this one simply amazes me. propably because i can relate to it and see how she made it in nearly 2 month! MOTIVATION!



u know whats really impressing? how fast you lose your muscles when you dont work out. as i told you, i have been at the gym yesterday and i knew that i lost muscles, cause i have been doing nothing for like a month. so i decided to do just a little less than usual, cause i dont wanted to lose my motivation so quickly. STILL- today i feel my leg muscles hurt... one month ago i did never feel anything like this awhen i worked out much harder. but thats life, and i know that after 1 or 2 weeks of work, i can get there again. motivaaaatioooon.
i have been food-shopping with a friend today, and in the store we were they had some special asian food offer. i bought prawns ( = low cal, high protein.*) and 3 different types of dips. i'm gonna use them for dipping my veggies, in front of the tv or so... healthy and low cal - instead of crisps.

i've been at the city with my bf today and we had icecream together. i know, icecream?! wtf?! but: it doesnt contain many carbs and its still less cal than other sweet things.

tomorrow my dad, his gf and my grandma are coming to visit me here. we're gonna have lunch at a restaurant together. i'm a little scared. it will be hard to find something that doesnt contain carbs. and not eating the potatoes or whatever they'll serve with the good proteins, will worry my grandma. she keeps telling me how pretty and slim i am and that she worries that i dont eat enough. i think i'm gonna go for a salad ans something like tomato-soup. every restaurant should have that!

- 1/2 apple + low-cal yoghurt: 110cals
- 1 serving of salmon with half a pepper and fe pieces of zucchini : 170cals
- 1 slice of cheese : 80cals
-icecream (dont really know, but propably about) 150cals

TOTAL: 490cals

i might have a few carrot and pepper sticks with some dipping in a few.. but i'm not really hungry yet. still that would be a maximum of 70 cals, and a total of 560 is fine too.

stay strong girls- we're going to be the prettiest of all.

if i crave for something sweet i drink an indian chai tea. it has max 3 cals (which is so less i dont mention it here) and it tastes great. AND it fills you up with water.
plus * = 100g of prawns contain 70cals. i have them in a ring and i seriously doubt that i could even eat 100g without feeling completely full.

ps: i got scales today. planning to weigh myself on sunday/monday morning. excited!!!



Good Evening my Loves-

Today is Day 1 of my new plan, i'm at my flat and i can eat whatever i want with noone cooking million-calorie things.
i went food-shopping yesterday, and here's what i bought : (maybe it thinspires you)

-low fat yoghurt (60kcals each!)
-low fat milk
-low fat cheese

thats it. did anyone notice something? cause these ingredients ARE my new plan.
i'm only gonna eat vegetables and fruits ( but not too many fruits, cause they contain more sugars than veggies do) and proteins.
completely cutting out the carbs. this should help to lose weight pretty fast. + i'm gonna go to the gym every 2nd day and work out for 1,5hours.

about the food- i know that it is sort of impossible to completely cut out the carbs forever, and i'm not planning that. i'm trying to stick to the plan until next week.
if everything goes fine i should have lost at least 2kg until then.

1/2 apple + 1 low fat yoghurt = 110cals
lunch at 3pm:
2 eggs with 1 tomato = max 200kcals
dinner :
watermelon+ 1/2 apple = 160 cals

TOTAL: 470cals

not too bad!! i'm going to see a few friends from here in an hour. so maybe we're gonna have coffee or something, i dont know yet. so maybe there will be another 100-200cals max. but they will be liquid and i think thats not so much of a bad thing.

Thank you for your support. it is sooo motivating to read your lovely comments. it makes me believe in me - in us. we can so do this!! skinny love to all of you girls!