so. i knew i'd eat shit.
thats how it went:
i had liters of tea and then half a slice of bread with some butter. i think at about 100cals. then i had a tea with that friend and walked home (45min). i got hungry and had half of a big apple, say 60cals. and then i couldnt resist that damn easter chocolate! i ate and ate and ate.. propably at about 200cals.

i'm going to stay at my boyfriends til monday. actually i wanted to go tomorrow, so its easier not to eat and i could weigh myself tomorrow morning. but i miss him.
on sunday we're going to frankfurt and stay in a hotel there for one night. sunday we'll visit the zoo and monday we'll go shopping. that was my birthday present, so cute. but i cant imagine shopping right now. i'm so biiig! but fashion is my biggest motivation to become thin...
i will be back on tuesday or so and post how everything went. but its so difficult not to eat much around my boyfriend, cause he eats like all the time and he is so thin! of course i want him to eat, cause i already look like an elephant next to him... and all i wanna be is small and tiny!
so i'll try to only have some salad or peppers as dinner
that i can stay at about 400cals for today. (fuck that damn chocolate! ruins everything!)

stay strong skinnies!

and special hi to my first follower! means a lot to me :)

taylor. one of my favourite celebrity-thinspo-girls. i wish i could look like her. i heard she weighs about 52kg and is a little smaller than me.... way to go!


  1. Aww so cute ! :)

    And omg, Taylor! I have loads of pictures of her in my computer, she is so inspiring.

  2. especially love her legs! and with that long hait.. just gorgeous!

  3. Hi girlie, your blog is absolutely LOVELY! don't worry, we can end our struggle if we're strong enough (and that we are) and if we have each other. just stay strong and think thin! good luck with everything :)

  4. Oh yes, and I definitely think we relate to each other, even though you're much taller than me :). The kilos are the only thing standing between us and beauty, right? The determination must be the thing that will keep us going. WE CAN DO THIS <3 Lu.