Another fattie in blogosphere.

so, there's another blog about losing weight.
i've been following a lot of your blogs lately, and you all have been my biggest source of thinspiration. now, i feel like having my own blog could help me be stronger and not binge so often.
i wanna be honest with you skinnies, due to several events i've become a total fatass over the last year. i feel ashamed to tell you my weight, but honesty, as i said.
i am 172cm tall and i weigh 64.5kg what is at about 142lb. i know. disgusting.
so my first goal will be 60kg and my ultimate goal (for now) is to weigh at about 56kg (approx. 122lb) i know, most of you still think that that is superfat. but i wanna put my goal somewhere i can reach it. for now.

so here's what i ate today:

*half a waffle with some honey
*a cup of bouillon with like 5 noodles in it.
*a small pack of smarties and 2 small chocolate eggs. ( i hate easter!!!!)

i'm currently staying at my moms house so counting calories and eating less aint that easy. too many tempting food and sweets. but university starts again in 10 days, so then i'll be back in my flat and it'll be easier for me to count calories and control my eating. at least i hope so.

i'll go walk my dog for 30mins now, and than have loads of red pepper as dinner.

see you tomorrow skinnies.

first thinspo. lets roll over the floor laughing because we're looking like that. in summer. we can do this!


  1. Damn, you weight as much as my goal weight :D
    Are you German?

  2. i started at about 70kg in january too.
    and yeah, south of germany what about u?
    thanks for following again, feels crazy to have someone really read all that stuff... but crazy in a good way!

  3. I've been in Germany like thousand times, mostly in Bielefeld. My godparents live there ;)

    I'm going to sleep now..Gute Nacht!