hi girls. i dont like myself today and somehow i dont like anyone else either. exept for you gorgeous girls who understand why i dont like myself and why i hate that i am eating so much. had about 700 cals yet. i suck. uni sucks.
oh and i am actually just assuming that i weigh 63kg by now. i cant use that scale. it makes me crazy not knowing the exact weight. i gotta look for a new scale.. but it shouldnt be too expensive cause i bought the weird one just 2 month ago...(didnt work from the beginning!).
i've been at the uni the whole day and i am already in a hurry again to get there. propably going to eat at least 150cals again. argh. tomorrow: GYM!!!!

some thinspo for you lovelies:


  1. maybe reading my newest post will cheer you up, there's a surprise for you :)