i was cleening half of my room today. exactly half. there is so much dust in this flat and i have no idea where its coming from. so i cleaned half of my dusty room. better than nothing.
i am totally annoyed by the girl-roomie. it's not that she's doing anything bad, i just dont know what to talk to her about.. and she's never here alone, always takes her stupid bf with her. usually, they're not here and stay at his flat. (i think) and then sometimes they come here and use every tool in the kitchen you could possibly use to cook something and DONT clean anything up. i was so fucking pissed this morning finding the kitchen covered in dishes and all the stuff they used. now, they're in the kitchen again and totally ignoring their own mess. makes me sick!

my eating today wasnt bad even if i'm a moody bitch today.

* green beans -about 80cals
* cucumber salad - max 150cals
* cup of yoghurt with some cereals and honey - max 200cals
* some tuna with tomato - 75cals

that makes 505 cals. if i cant fall asleep or feel hungry i guess i'm gonna eat something, cause i need my sleep since uni starts again tomorrow.
gonna stay under 600cals anyway and thats fine i think.

thanks for your support skinnies.

that will be us in summer. cant wait....


  1. yes that will be us :)
    hoping you can sleep well.

  2. You done well. I am just like you. Cant stand mess but there is nothing worse than mess that is not yours.