i couldnt fall asleep last night, as for some reason the whole last week. it really feels like insomnia. first i thought it also comes from my fatblocker-pills,but as i didnt eat yesterday i didnt take them and i was still awake at 4 am. (I blame the pills for the dizzyness though and from now on i'm only gonna take them if i eat sth really fatty.) so i stepped on my weirdo-scale and after 10 trials it showed 63,4 several times, so i think that this is the "right" wight. this morning i tried 4 times or so and it still showed 63,4, even though i got rid of at least half a liter of water on the toilet before. little strange, but 63,4kg is fine with me anyways.
every scale works different.

Are you girls stepping on other scales from time to time? And if so, are there differences? Id' really like to know that, would be nice if you could tell me about your experiences.

i'm gonna have green beans with something later and then go to the gym. i dream of being near 63kg on monday, so i'll try to have about 500cals today.

You know what makes me so happy besides my self control when i barely eat a thing?
The feeling when i touch my flat (the fat mostly sits on the sides then) stomach when i wake up. I just love that and i see that its all worth it.

Stay strong my loves, we can do this!


  1. we were doing so good yesterday :)
    poor you for still not being able to sleep properly. i fell asleep at about 1 am but i woke up at 6.30 am and was wide awake again. i think i will look up tips against insomnia today but now i gotta go studying...

    i'm loving my flat stomach today as well :D it looks and feels so good.

    i see different results on different scales as well, sometimes it's higher, sometimes it's lower than the weight i see on my official scales. i just stick to them because the amount of lost kg's is the same, no matter if i'm 60 or 61 kg.

    have a nice day, i'll go online on skype at about 10-11 pm if you want to chat.


  2. Yeah, I was using my Wii Fit scale and then I get on another electronic scale and it says I weigh 5 pounds heavier!

  3. Hi Im Evie. I understand exactly what your mean. Mine use to be like that before i went through recovery, Im back now. follow my page for info. I love that feeling. Just wish it would last when you stood up rather than bulge out. Well one day. Lol.

    well done and good luck.
    I look forward to reading more of your blogs.
    x Evie x

  4. Thank you SO much for your comment on my blog. I was feeling a little "under the weather" so it helped me a lot <3

  5. I know i think that every scale is different because i hop on one and it says one thing and the other says somthing comlpleteley different