i've been watching myself for a while now to find out about my eating-triggers. and the worst is definately WATCHING TV:
i sit in the living room and should just watch TV but i always feel like i have to eat something. like watching tv and eating something belong together. worst thing is that i only eat shit in front of the tv. chocolate, chips, cheese, ice-cream... and most of the times i am not hungry at all. i'm just a weakling!

so my plan for today is to stay in my room, hang out in front of my computer or/and watch tv here. somehow that being in the living room makes me eat too. so i'll just try to avoid that room.

has anyone of you discovered any trigger-situations yet? and what are they like?
i think it helps a lot knowing about it, cause then u can try to avoid them.

my day hasnt been too bad, but not really good either. i had:

*slice of bread with butter and nougat-creme (i know its stupid eating that, but i couldnt resist)
*4 shortbread biscuits
*3 low-fat chips (needed something salty)
*half slice of cheese

i just made some really low cal stracciatella-mouse. i'll have like 80cals of that with some strawberries and maybe an orange later.

unfortunately i'll have to get up "early" tomorrow. sleeping late helps a lot if you're trying to eat less i think. but i have to meet some people from work in the morning and that really sucks. but more time to burn stupid caloires!

I weighed 65kg exactly this morning and on friday i wanna see something about 64.2. better: LESS!

Miranda Kerr Thinspo for today:

she has one of the most perfect bodies ever in my opinion. and i know i can only dream about looking like her. even when i reach my ultimate goal (wich seams years away..) i will look like a total fatass next to her. (th-)inspiring anyways and maybe if i reach my ultimate goal i can lose as much again. i can try at least!

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  1. Ugh I know what you mean. I think the living room is a trigger for me to eat too much as well. Because I look at the tv and don't notice what I stuff in my face. The computer is better for me, but I'm not being active, I'm sitting there. At least I'm not eating though ^_^. Yeah I know once I lose the weight I need to lose, my body will never be that perfect.