i'll cheer you all up

a lot of you lovelies have been complaining about having their period and therefor not losing weight. i know that totally sucks. and i wanna support you girls.. but since i cannot make your period go away, i got you this:

i'm taking the pill. as you propably know, you take it 3 weeks and then you stop taking it for 1 week. and in this week you will have your period, because of the lack of hormons in your body. pretty easy so far. well. not if your body is a little weird and you feels like dont feed it enough. like my stupid body obviously does. so it just decided to start my period NOW. it was due in exactly one week. yay?! i had that once.. and i know what it means. i will have a lighter period than usually. yay?! it will stay for 2 weeks. TWO, t w o weeks.
i hope u all feel better with your few days period-time now :)

I was sticking to the PLAN today.. but i am a little upset with myself cause i ate things i didnt wanna eat just because everyone did. argh!


* special K with yoghurt and half an apple (~200cals)
* half a plate of spaetzle(noodles) with cheese-sauce at the uni-cafeteria (~ 250cals)
* white chocolate with strawberry ( no idea. say 150cals to be safe.)
* yoghurt (80cals)

TOTAL : 680cals


*200 Jumping Jacks (50 will follow)
*120 Crunches
*25 mins on the Crosstrainer (going realy fast!)
*45mins muscle training
*1,5km fast walking

I really did great at the gym today. i have so much to tell you girls, but i have no time right now... but tomorrow night, i promise!

think thin!


  1. well done, well done :)
    i need 25 crunches and then i can go to bed.
    how about a "meeting" tomorrow evening, say 8 pm, on Skype?

    oh, and i'm sorry 'bout your period....it looks like i don't really have it...but kind of...yeah... just that ugly, period-like ausfluss -.- (sorry about the grossness) so it's also 2 weeks! we're so poor.

  2. Well done at the gym :)
    I have a question.
    Last time i lost alot of weight my period stopped but i wasnt on the pill.
    What will happen IF i loose alot of weight now that I'm on the pill?
    I don't want to loose my period, she can be a bitch sometimes but I know its unhealthy if i dont have it