elegantthinspo and me made up a plan for this week, so that we stay strong and lose a lot (hopefully.) we've already done a liquid-fast day wich worked fine together, so i'm pretty optimistic. so here's our masterplan ;) :


*250+ Jumping jacks per day. (like 50 in the morning, 50 before lunch, 50...u get the idea)
*100+ Crunches per day
*swimming/gym whenever we find the time. (for me: gym at least every 2nd day)


*max intake of 1000cals. (thats doable!)
*try to stay around 600cals
*if u mess up one day and eat more than 1000, the next day you eat 700 minus the extra-cals. (if u eat 1200 one day, the next will be: 700-200= 500cals)

i know, to some of you skinnies this might sound ridiculously easy. but i think that it is so important to stay motivated during all of this. so putting goals too high is not what we should do. This plan is definately doable, and thats the good thing about it. it will feel great when this week is over ( Friday) and we can proudly say: We did it.

So here's the stuff about today:


*small portion of noodles with tomato sauce (max 200cals)
*ice cream at the park (180cals)
*another tiny portion of noodles with sauce and peppers (max 180cals)
*curd with fresh strawberries and sugar (max 120 cals)

TOTAL: 680cals


*120 Crunches

been on the toilet today. followers know what i mean. yay :)

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  1. yay, so it's the middle of the night right now but i'm loving the masterplan already :D