hi loves,
i've been a bad girl today.. and yesterday night.
yesterday night, i didnt have the yoghurt i posted because i thought i'd eat it. no. i had a whole slice of bread with nutella on it. NUTELLA. i was doing so well at the gym and then i binge with nutella. argh!

today i've basicly been at the uni non-stop. i had a 2 hours break wich i spent with my bf, because he lives near the uni. ate at his place also. just came home (its 7pm here) and have to leave in 30mins again. because at 8pm there's a meeting of the radio i started working at. i might be on air next week. exciting! after that meeting i'll be home for maybe an hour and have to leave to work at a party for 1hour again. pretty tough day :)

What's also exciting is that my best friend is coming back on FRIDAY. i missed her sooo much these last months and i cant wait to see her again! i'm so gonna cry.. girlish, i know. so i'll leave my place thursday afternoon and i will stand on WORKING SCALES on friday. i'm so excited about that too! i hope with what i ate today and yesterday i didnt gain! cross your fingers for meee girlies :)


*small bowl of cereals (~150cals)
*small pretzel at the uni (~130cals)
*salad an bowl of pasta with tomato sauce at my bf's (~220cals)
*corny free (65cals)
*choco drink (nooo idea. say 130cals)
*piece of chocolate (~150cals)

TOTAL: 750cals
and i think i will have something around 60cals later. argh! TOO MUCH!


nothing yet!!!
jumping jacks and crunches will follow.

i'm really sorry.. i'm not thinspiring at all lately. i'm hoping that tomorrow i will do better. i feel like that chocolate is already turning into flabby fat-rolls. why did i eat it?! i am so stupid. i really feel like going to the gym and work out until i collapse to make up for that. but no time. TOMORROW!!!!

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  1. oh c'mon, that doesn't sound too bad. the only thing you really ougth to do is the workout and then you're fine. i hope stepping on working scales will be a positive event :)