sooo you know i wanted to be on 64 til friday. i actually made a rule that i am going to step on the scale on FRIDAY and no day earlier. so this morning i broke that rule.. stupid i know. BUT: it showed me 64,3kg! wtf?! i mean like how awesome would that be?! but i guess i shouldnt take that weight to serious yet.. its sort of impossible to lose 0.7kg when you eat what i ate yesterday.
i had an 150cal yoghurt this morning (yuck- usually eat 70cal yoghurt!) and my mom is going to cook lunch. yesterday she asked me what i'd like to eat.. and i wanted to say "nothing" but the thing with my mom and me is, that we're not getting along really good since ever. and that was so nice she asked so i just replied: SPINACH. lets just see what she's going to cook and have a small portion. and then eat nothing as long as possible. i love spinach.

i'm going to post some story later, if you gorgeous girls are interested in some private life...


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