i know i havent been posting for month and i wanna thank all of you who kept following me here.
i missed this place. but i i'm back now and i really wanna do this. and i've got a plan.
but let me tell you strong girls what has been happening in the meantime.

i have been working out ever 2nd or 3rd day at the gym, and i ate healthy. mostly. i have lost another 2-3kg and i told myself that this would be the better way. and that i could be comfortable with my body. and that maybe, i am supposed to be like this, and that i'll never be a skinny girl...that i should start accepting myself the way i am.


i'm at my "homehome" (my mums house) since the beginning of august which means i didnt work out for a month. ( i went jogging twice but that cant count!)
but not only that i'm not doing any sports at all and lose all my muscles who burned cals for me.... here, mummy is cooking.
i eat way to much. and i am aware of that but i cant stop myself. i dont know why this is, but if i start eating something delicious i just cant stop myself from throwing it into myself. i know- disgusting.
so meanwhile i guess i have put on at least 2,5 kilos. and i am not happy with myself.
so from tommorow, this is gonna stop!
i'm going back to my flat on wednesday, and from then on my new plan is gonna start. (i'll tell u about it in my next post!)

because i wanna be pretty. pretty thin.


  1. I have missed you loads..
    I am glad your back...seems like next week is the beginning for us both!

    I have been stuffing myself silly too...but enough is enough. Once I start college I will need to rein in..

  2. Girrrl, I'm so glad you're back on the blog! I guess we both needed some rest from blogging, but it's so great having you back here and reading your posts again, love! Well, it's Wednesday today, so according to your blog, you should be back in your apartment right now (away from your mom's delicious cooking :)
    Trust me, I know how hard it is to eat less when you're on the'home food'-- this is coming from someone who just came back to school after 3 months of mom/dad cooking. So, the point is- don't you DARE blame yourself for gaining weight and not exercising!! You'll be back on track again once you get back on the 'normal', on-your-own regime :).

    Oh gooosh, I SO feel like we can do this together! Sending lots of love and positive energy your way!!!