Good Evening my Loves-

Today is Day 1 of my new plan, i'm at my flat and i can eat whatever i want with noone cooking million-calorie things.
i went food-shopping yesterday, and here's what i bought : (maybe it thinspires you)

-low fat yoghurt (60kcals each!)
-low fat milk
-low fat cheese

thats it. did anyone notice something? cause these ingredients ARE my new plan.
i'm only gonna eat vegetables and fruits ( but not too many fruits, cause they contain more sugars than veggies do) and proteins.
completely cutting out the carbs. this should help to lose weight pretty fast. + i'm gonna go to the gym every 2nd day and work out for 1,5hours.

about the food- i know that it is sort of impossible to completely cut out the carbs forever, and i'm not planning that. i'm trying to stick to the plan until next week.
if everything goes fine i should have lost at least 2kg until then.

1/2 apple + 1 low fat yoghurt = 110cals
lunch at 3pm:
2 eggs with 1 tomato = max 200kcals
dinner :
watermelon+ 1/2 apple = 160 cals

TOTAL: 470cals

not too bad!! i'm going to see a few friends from here in an hour. so maybe we're gonna have coffee or something, i dont know yet. so maybe there will be another 100-200cals max. but they will be liquid and i think thats not so much of a bad thing.

Thank you for your support. it is sooo motivating to read your lovely comments. it makes me believe in me - in us. we can so do this!! skinny love to all of you girls!


  1. Sounds like a great plan, sweetie! And- you've been doing SO well today, I'm so so happy for you! (And, thank you for your comment, it made my day!) Yes, indeed, a crush IS a motivation, but looking pretty and feeling beautiful when looking into a mirror is even MORE motivating, isn't it? Best of luck to you tomorrow! :)

  2. sounds amazing. Should work a treat. HERS a tip...when you want something sweet like a desert...bake the apple by itself in the microwave until its soft then top with the natural yoghurt... ultimately irresistible. Its like a healthy apple crumble and custard.

    good luck hun..

  3. How are you doing now. It's been over a year since you last posted. Good day...