i lost 100g in one week. i did eat a max of 750cals each day + i worked out for 1,5hours every 2nd day. PLUS because of eating so less i start having my period. my body has always done this to me, even though its sort of REALLY SENSELESS because i'm taking the pill. that actually controls when you have your period and you only get it when you STOP taking the hormons. i actually should have gotten it on wednesday next week. so yeah. fuck me.


  1. Poor thing, at least your doing really well with your eating! I'm so proud of you hun. I'm on the pill too, and I'm thinking of going off it in the hope that it might help me lose weight.

    Chin up buttercup, you're doing amazingly,
    Adeline xx

  2. Girl, I miss you. Come back, please! <3