hi girlies

after that disappointing result on the scales yesterday, i have been doing good.
well not so good. i was frustrated so i had 2 eggs for breakfast... but then i basically didnt eat anything else during they day! i had 2 cups of hot choc, which is something like 180 cals... but they're liquid so it aint that bad to me!
today i've been at the gym and had about 120cals for breakfast.
since my flatmate is moving out, i'm having something like a casting for a new one. so today there will be 9 people here (and tomorrow and on friday).
i didnt have time to eat since i got home from gym.. because i dont wanna eat or cook while i got people here.. so thats great :D
its really fun to show all these different people the flat and talk to them.. and imagine scenarios that could happen if they move in. so far i only had girls here, two pretty ones. one was really smal and tiny.(-> envy) but there are boys coming this evening.. i think in general its easier to live with boys, cause they dont take everything personal and are not as bitchy as girls can be. but i'd also like the new flatmate to become a real friend with whom i can go shopping and stuff, you know? soo lets see what the evening brings!
i hope you girls are doing great!

Cals consumed so far ( 4pm):
max 150
(later i might have some broccoli. low cal anyways. hope my scales will notice that i am not really eating much!!!)

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