u know whats really impressing? how fast you lose your muscles when you dont work out. as i told you, i have been at the gym yesterday and i knew that i lost muscles, cause i have been doing nothing for like a month. so i decided to do just a little less than usual, cause i dont wanted to lose my motivation so quickly. STILL- today i feel my leg muscles hurt... one month ago i did never feel anything like this awhen i worked out much harder. but thats life, and i know that after 1 or 2 weeks of work, i can get there again. motivaaaatioooon.
i have been food-shopping with a friend today, and in the store we were they had some special asian food offer. i bought prawns ( = low cal, high protein.*) and 3 different types of dips. i'm gonna use them for dipping my veggies, in front of the tv or so... healthy and low cal - instead of crisps.

i've been at the city with my bf today and we had icecream together. i know, icecream?! wtf?! but: it doesnt contain many carbs and its still less cal than other sweet things.

tomorrow my dad, his gf and my grandma are coming to visit me here. we're gonna have lunch at a restaurant together. i'm a little scared. it will be hard to find something that doesnt contain carbs. and not eating the potatoes or whatever they'll serve with the good proteins, will worry my grandma. she keeps telling me how pretty and slim i am and that she worries that i dont eat enough. i think i'm gonna go for a salad ans something like tomato-soup. every restaurant should have that!

- 1/2 apple + low-cal yoghurt: 110cals
- 1 serving of salmon with half a pepper and fe pieces of zucchini : 170cals
- 1 slice of cheese : 80cals
-icecream (dont really know, but propably about) 150cals

TOTAL: 490cals

i might have a few carrot and pepper sticks with some dipping in a few.. but i'm not really hungry yet. still that would be a maximum of 70 cals, and a total of 560 is fine too.

stay strong girls- we're going to be the prettiest of all.

if i crave for something sweet i drink an indian chai tea. it has max 3 cals (which is so less i dont mention it here) and it tastes great. AND it fills you up with water.
plus * = 100g of prawns contain 70cals. i have them in a ring and i seriously doubt that i could even eat 100g without feeling completely full.

ps: i got scales today. planning to weigh myself on sunday/monday morning. excited!!!

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