DAY 6 (+summary)

hi skinnies,
i appologize for my absence... i was busy all the time and somehoe i didnt feel like blogging.
so the last days i always had something around 400cals during the day, and then, each evening i thought: hey, 400cals is so less! you can totally still eat something.
yeah... stupid me. so i always ended up wit about 700-800cals.
i've been at the gym monday and yesterday i've been playing squash with my bf. squash is fun and i bet it burns a lot...
so i was still hopeful when i stepped on my scales today.
but guess what? i lost 100g since saturday. like 100g in 3 days of eating a max. of 800cals + working out. IS THAT FAIR?! :(

i've always been losing weight more difficult than others... i think thats because of the pill and the hormons and stuff. still, i mean seriously. there are people out there who stuff themselves with 2000cals a day and they dont gain a gramm. this is simply not fair.
i'm really sick of my body hating me so much. i'm trying to make up excuses. like that i propably gained my muscles back and as we all know, muscles are heavier than fat. but you know. thats a really lame excuse.
i'm going to paris for the weekend, and i thought that i could be at least 1 kg lighter until then. i mean 1 kilo in a week.. thats so doable. not for me obviously.. :(

i hope you're all doing better than me, skinny loves.


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  2. Stay strong and know you are not alone! I have been striving for perfection for what seems like a lifetime and I still have a week or rather a month where I gain weight not lose it, even though I am doing everything in my power not too. The pill definitely does not help either and that is not your fault and cannot be controlled.

    I wish you lots of luck and strength! You can do this!

    Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
    Thomas A. Edison