i just dont know

i am eating quite a lot again. a lot compared to you adoreable skinnies. still less than normal persons. and honestly i dont know how to feel about it. 1200cals is told to be best amount of cals to eat when you wanna lose weight, just read that in a mag. i dunno if it works for me. i dunno if i like myself lately.
i just dont know anything. i'll propably take some time to find that out.
i'm sorry my loves.


  1. I was just thinking that I have not heard from you lately or seen a post from you, so I though I will check your page. Good luck hun. I miss you and remember not to be to hard on yourself as worrying about the past is wasting valuable time you could be changing the future.


  2. Baby, I just came back to my blog and thought that I had not read your posts for too long-- and then I read your last one. I will be thinking of you and hope everything works out in the end. You're a strong girl, much stronger than you think you are, just keep that in mind, ok? Tons of love to you and... good luck, sweetheart.