i've been at the city with my "visitors" all day and on my way home i met an old friend. she was like : heeyy.. we gotta have coffe together! come on i'll invite you. and i wanted to say no but i also really wanted to talk to her again since i havtn seen her for a while... but then she came back with 2 milkshakes. that was like 45mins ago, and i'm currently trying to flush them cals out by drinking 1l of water. besides that thing the day had been okay... okay considering that i had to have lunch with my family at a restaurant that didnt have tomato soup. or anything alike. (no wonder people become fatter and fatter!)
i'm a clver girl (yay :D) so i decided to skip breakfast this morning.. somehow i felt that the day wouldnt go so well foodwise. at the restaurant i ordered a salad, and it was a rather small one with light dressing, which made me really happy! but then my grandma insisted on me having an apple strudel and ordered one for me. OUCH! i didnt eat it all, but still. then that shake. and now after 1l water in 5mins i dont really feel like eating anything anymore tonight.
-salad (max 150cals)
-apple strudel (max 300 cals)
-milkshake ( say 200 cals)

(maybe later + 20 cals by half a pepper)

actually i should be at the gym working my ass off right now, but i just got home, its getting late and i'd propably throw up on the treadmill... which wouldnt be so cool. i think i burned a few cals by walking through the city all day also. BUT i'm gonna work out extra hard tomorrow morning, to make up for today and especially the milkshake. so unneccessary!!! argh!

i hope you're doing better loves.

ps: i couldnt fall asleep last night cause i was so hungry. i know it sounds stupid but i loved it. it makes me feel... proud.
pps: i weighed myself this morning. it hasnt been as bad as expected, but i was nearly completely empty. i might let you beuatiful skinnies know how much i weigh when i reach my first GW... or maybe next time. if it matters to you.
ppps: i just found this pic. i think it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. i have seen some before-afters before, and i always think they're awesome thinspo... but this one simply amazes me. propably because i can relate to it and see how she made it in nearly 2 month! MOTIVATION!


  1. You're doing well, so don't fret, love, ok? 650 calories is really not bad for one day! And the before-after picture-- in two months? Two months? TWO months? WOW. That is purely a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Lots of love and- good luck tomorrow! Lu.

  2. your doing amazing. I am sooo inspired...I miss being on a plan and recording everything.

    I will defo start up again..
    Thanks for the advice. i really appreciate it..