hello skinny ladies!

it is 4pm here now and i have consumed a max of 550cals yet. 130 of them were dark choclate. i allow myself to have some, cause i'm still havin my period.. some sweets seem to be necessary during that time..
the interview last night went pretty well... i also got the chance to talk to a few hot guys.. :)
i'm going out with my friends tonight but i'm planning to stay sober and go to bed not all too late. tomorrow i have to be at the uni from 10am-5pm non-stop. got a seminar about television-journalism (sounds stupid but i guess you get what i mean).
i'm planning to take a smoothie and some curd (did i mention i am frickin in looove with curd?! i have it all the time with fresh fruits..yummiiii) with rasperries or so. i dont wanna eat with the others there.. fruit-curd is the perfect alternative.

gotta work now, and then i'll propably have another 150cals. or less. 700cals is the goal!

i got some happygirls at the beach thinspo for you :)

are you girls going somewhere in summer? i mean to some beach or so? or are you so happy to have a beach right in front of your house??
in both cases- we do wanna look good in our bikinis. and we will do whatever it takes for it!

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  1. exactly! and I love love that last picture! I want to look like her.